About Me

The Little Story

How I got the idea and how I want it to be

The Company

AM/PM is a workshop born from a desired to do business differently. Me, Pascal, the founder always describe my business to be anti-capitalism where surconsumption reign. I always say; “I just want to get a decent salary from this business, I don’t want a million in profits, just enough to live a simple life! I don’t want a continous growth like every business wants, which needs in more employees being employed, move to bigger locations, etc. and the wheel just keep turning and turning… I just want to do what I want, when I want it and when I have the creative energy flowing, not because I need to support an exponential growth.”

So AM/PM is dedicated for the slow-consumption consumers who are looking for quality, durability and adaptability products that will last a lifetime.

From the workshop, everything is handmade; the design, the fabrication process, the assembly, the artisanal finishes, and even the packaging is all made by me. That’s mean that it is way longer to complete an order, than you usually used too in the actual market, but for you it is a guaranteed that every step of the way you will get a quality control, because I care

Handcrafted in Val Racine, Quebec, Canada, North America, Planet Earth, Milky Way, 11th dimension.

My Mission

I believe in quality over quantity. Actually I thought that the market is agonizing of cheap products that pollute the planet and my mission is trying to be part of the change for the years to come by producing products that you still can see in houses 100 years from now.

My Vision

I want to be choose by you for my products for sure, but also based on the values I promote. And that’s what I thought that will stand in the years to come deciding which business will strive against the capitalism economy.

The Team

AM/PM has been founded and operated by one and only human-being. Over the years some external collaborators have made it what it became today. Here’s a few of some the actual team member.

Pascal Matte

Master Artisan, Founder



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