Mid-Century Neckless Acrylic Globes



If you want to recycle or upcycle an antique you have found or that you already have, these mid-century neckless acrylic globes are the perfect replacement. Or maybe you just broke one from your existing luminaire or from one you already bought from my store. These are unbreakable, so it’s probably the last one you gonna buy!

First thing first, you want to make sure of the size of your holder before selecting one. These globes are standard in the industry, but they have different openings available depending of the diameter. There is also two types of globes, with or without neck. This article is neckless

See this item for the same globes with neck

  • Different finishes to choose from
  • Various diameter available: 6 in., 8 in., 10 in., 12 in., 14 in., 16 in. and 18 in.
  • Holder openings:
    3 in. (for 6 in. globe size)
    4 in. (for 8 and 10 in. globe size)
    5-1/4 in. (for 12, 14, 16 and 18 in. globe size)
  • If you also need a shade holder, you could find holders here =>

* This item is for 1 globe only, photos with accessories and other parts are shown as an example, suggestion or inspiration.

* Due to the characteristics of the materials used, please expect aesthetic imperfections. As for example, the metal or glass may have tiny scratches or irregularities. This is a normal result of artisanal process.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

10 in., 12 in., 14 in., 16 in., 18 in., 6 in., 8 in.


Clear, Gloss Opal, Amber, Clear Prismatic, Smoked